Furniture Fitter, Clevedon


Description of a Fitter’s duties:

As with a Porter’s duties, a Fitter will be required help unload and load vehicles, open boxes, position unpackaged items, clear sites and deal with any waste and recycling. They will also be required to carry out the following duties on a day to day basis.

 Fitting of our client’s furniture at their customer’s location. Appropriate training and supervision will be provided to ensure that the job is done correctly first time and conducted in a safe and organised manner.

 Client Communication. During the day the client may require updates on how the install is going. It may fall to you to communicate directly back to them in an open and honest fashion or via a senior member of. Remember, mistakes do sometimes happen and can be out of your control. Be honest

 Documents. Ensuring all client documents such as delivery notes are signed by their customer once the job has been completed to a high standard.

 Communication with the office throughout the day. We will need to know what customers you have visited and where they are based, for billable mileage, for example. It is often the case that we arrive at our client’s premises without knowing where they intend to send you that day. We would need to be kept up-to-date with progress to ensure that we have quoted accurately and to help ensure that jobs run smoothly.

 Reporting. Once your day has been completed, the office will need to have their daily record sheet updated accurately. This is then left in the warehouse for the office to process accordingly.

 Vehicles are left in a clean manner ready for the next person to use. Food/Drinks emptied into the bin, equipment stored correctly, straps left hung up and untangled and the interior of the cab and back swept and tidy.

 Weighing of any Recycling that is returned to the warehouse. This must be weighed and written on the correct job sheet as the client is billed for this service and there is a different cost attached to each


 CSCS qualified (or working towards it).

expectations of ALL of it’s employees:

o Professional – we conduct our work in a thoroughly professional manner which has allowed us to win and keep many great clients.

o A great work ethic – the willingness to knuckle down, be a great team player, work hard and get the job done well is key.

o Customer friendly – the customer is always key! Always try and go above and beyond to exceed their expectations.

o Helpful to client’s and others – whether it is a member of public, a customer, a customer of a customer or one of the team, try to help where possible. It makes the day run much smoother!

o Be vigilant – there are many hazards in the various workplaces in which we operate. Always be wary of these and ensure that you are properly equipped to do your job safely and productively. If in doubt, ASK YOUR



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